Social media: These are internet-based social media that keep us in touch with friends, family, co-workers, and customers. These networks can have a social or business goal, or both goals at the same time.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have become an important destination for companies looking for customers for their products or services, and despite intense competition, Facebook is still at the forefront of social networking sites, as this site uses more than two billion people, followed by successively Facebook Messenger, and then Twitter and then Pinterest.

Social media marketing method

Various companies use social media to introduce their brands and increase the loyalty of their customers. As social media makes it easier for them to reach new customers, and make their brand more distinctive, in both cases, social networks help to communicate the idea and introduce the brand’s content.

For example, a Twitter user could hear about a company for the first time through a tweet and decide to purchase the product or service, as people are more exposed to the company’s brand, increasing the company’s chances of finding and retaining new customers.

Companies use social media to reach new customers or interact with old customers by sharing posts, photos or videos, or commenting on active posts on social media, allowing followers to interact and visit the company’s website to become clients of this company.

Advantages and disadvantages of using social media in marketing:

Social media enables clients to comment on company offers and encourage others to buy products or services, and the more customers who spread their opinions about a company on social networks, the stronger and more its brand grows, and the more its brand grows, the greater the sales.

Increasing the number of customers talking about a brand provides a company the opportunity to appear on search engines, and helps social media sites recognize the brand and consider it trustworthy.

Companies may use social media to demonstrate their level of services to clients and enrich their relationship with them. If a customer complains to Twitter – for example – about a product or service that the company initiates to solve the problem, apologize and correct the error.

On the negative side, criticism of the brand can spread very quickly on social media, causing a headache to the company’s PR department.

Although social media is free, establishing, managing, and maintaining a company website requires several hours of work each week and the cost of those hours increases exponentially.

Companies need a lot of followers before they start their marketing campaign through these sites in order to achieve a positive return from this campaign, for example a suggestion published to 15 followers will not have the same impact as a posting proposed to 15,000 followers.