You want to buy a collar for your dog, but you don’t know which model to choose? It is true that the market is full of necklaces all more different from each other. While some are aesthetic, others are less so while looking comfortable. Some have special accessories or functions. The main thing is to opt for a collar that is comfortable for your animal, adapted to its needs and its morphology and which does not present a danger to its health. Not easy to make a choice however! Here are our tips to better guide you in your purchase.

Why put a collar on your dog?

The collar is an essential accessory for the dog. Even if you prefer to wear it in a harness, the collar is useful because it is a safety object. A dog with a collar does not look like an abandoned animal. If your dog escapes you and gets lost, people who cross his path can contact you if you have entered your contact details. The same applies if your pet is injured.

The collar also makes it possible to keep the dog in hand, in particular to retain it urgently if necessary.

Finally, keeping your dog on a leash is compulsory in most public spaces. The collar or harness is therefore essential to walk your pooch.

Quels sont les différents modèles de colliers pour chien ?

Il existe plusieurs types de colliers pour chien :

  • The nylon collar: the nylon collar is now the model most recommended by professionals. It is pretty, since it comes in a multitude of colors and patterns, it is solid and practical. On the other hand, avoid the first prizes which are not sufficiently padded with foam and which are too thin, as they can hurt your dog if he pulls too much on his leash. Opt for a closure with metal buckle, stronger than the plastic clips.
  • The leather collar: very aesthetic, the leather collar was very popular a few years ago. However, it is a model that has many negative points. To prevent him from giving in as soon as the dog pulls a little on his leash, you have to put the price and forget about imitation leather or low quality leather. However, it will be weakened if exposed to moisture. In addition, leather can cause skin allergies.

The harness: the harness is not the best solution in terms of comfort. It is not easy to set up, dogs do not always take it very long, and many tend to pull on their leash more. Admittedly, there is less risk of tightening the dog’s neck too tightly, but the harness is to be reserved for well-educated doggies who know how to stay alongside their master. Perfect for canicross, it allows you to run with your pet without risk of strangulation. To be reserved for certain activities with certain dogs, but it is not suitable for permanent use.

The choke collar: choke collars are used in dog training clubs, but they are not suitable for everyday use or for ethical use. Dangerous, they are used to show your dog that you are his master by encouraging him to follow you and not to get ahead of you. Be aware that these models can injure, cough or vomit. To avoid !

The electric collar: this other form of barbarism is strongly discouraged. It is a model that only serves to control the animal through pain and fear. However, this is completely unnecessary and counterproductive. A good education is done with kindness, respect and firmness, without violence, humiliation, or sanctions.

How to choose a collar for your dog?

Necklaces to avoid

Whichever model you choose, avoid just basing it on aesthetics. It is important to choose a secure, strong, and comfortable collar for your dog. Avoid models that can hurt your pet and those that claim to be training collars, as they are too violent for the well-being of your little companion.

We therefore advise you to avoid choke collars and electrical models. They are painful, humiliating and do not teach your dog anything, which especially risks not liking walks in your company and which will end up losing confidence and distance itself from you.

If you absolutely want to equip your dog with a leather collar, set the price and buy a high quality model, which is more difficult to find. However, remove it if he has an allergic reaction

The necklaces to favor

It is best to buy a resistant, light and comfortable collar for your dog. Nylon is the most suitable and triggers very little allergies, unlike leather.

Whichever necklace you choose, use solid metal fasteners. Avoid plastic clips that do not hold the shock.

It is recommended to set a certain price and avoid entry-level products. No need to ruin you, but your animal deserves a quality product for its comfort and which will not hurt it. Remember to respect the size of your dog and its morphology. Get advice from a pet store. With a well-adapted collar, your pet will feel good and your walks will be very pleasant.