In the world of bodybuilding, the idea prevails that building stronger muscles requires lifting heavier weights, but a series of recent research that began in 2010 showed results that challenge this idea, proving that lifting weights lighter with more iterations equals the efficiency of lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions, as the amount of stress is equal In both cases, the lightness or weight of the weights is of little significance as long as the muscle reaches the stage of exhaustion in both cases.

The study sample was divided into two groups of men trained in weightlifting, and they underwent a full-body training system for twelve weeks, and one of the groups was asked to lift light weights equal to 50% of their maximum muscle strength, with a number of repetitions ranging from 20-25, and asked the group The second is to lift heavier weights, equal to 90% of their maximum strength, with fewer repetitions of between 8-12, and each group has to continue exercising until it reaches the level of complete muscle fatigue, meaning that it raises their weights to the extent that they no longer return The muscle is able to perform any additional repetition, at which point both teams have to try to activate their muscle fibers in order to generate strength.

After examining the muscle and analyzing the blood samples, the researchers found a match in the amounts that represent a major criterion for measuring the strength of the two teams, namely the muscle mass and the size of the muscle fibers, and the research came out with another very important result, namely that the muscle strength and muscle growth does not depend on testosterone or growth hormone, To which many people attribute the responsibility of giving the muscle its size or strength, meaning that the temporary rise of testosterone or growth hormone as a cause of muscle growth is simply a fallacy, and it is time to adjust it.

Although researchers do not believe that the sports elite will accept this system, they stress how effective it is in gaining strength and improving health. As for those beginners who want to increase their strength, they can now relieve themselves from heavy weights without making a trade off at the expense of their gains. Muscular.

In any case, researchers still have more to know about this field, and more studies to be conducted. The steps should be corrected now, for example, towards knowing what mechanisms are behind these results and what categories apply to them.