Florida set a new record in the number of coronavirus infections that reached 15,299 cases within 24 hours. This number accounts for about a quarter of all daily infections in the U.S., making the state, which contains only 7% of the U.S. population, exceed the previous record held by California. Florida, which started lifting restrictions imposed by the Corona virus last May, has proven more vulnerable to the virus due to the large number of immigrants and the aging population. State figures beat the worst daily average in New York last April. Florida also recorded 45 additional deaths.

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According to Reuters, the state would have been ranked fourth in the world in relation to the number of new cases if it were a country, while more than 40 hospitals in Florida say that their intensive care facilities are operating at full capacity. The latest figures were announced one day after Walt Disney World reopened in Orlando, Florida, but with safety measures in place including wearing a mask and widespread use of disinfectants.