Karl-Heinz-Rummenigge, CEO of Bayern Munich, won the departure of Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara from the squad this summer, denying at the same time the existence of any contact on it with Liverpool, the England champion.

The 29-year-old midfielder has been in the custody of several press reports recently about negotiations to renew his contract with the Bavarian club, which ends in the late 2020-2021 season.

And after German reports in May indicated that the player agreed with the club’s management to renew the contract, it became clear in recent weeks that the two sides had not reached an agreement, amid talk of the player’s “procrastination” because he wanted to move to another club, the crowned Liverpool might be This season the Premier League title for the first time in thirty years.

In what appeared to be a resolution of the controversy over his future with the club, Rummenigge revealed in statements published by the German newspaper “Bild” on Friday night, Saturday, “We negotiated with him seriously and fulfilled his wishes. But it seems that he wants to do something new in the last stage of his career.”

After praising him on and off the field, the club’s CEO referred to English and Spanish press reports in the past days, reporting on the international player’s agreement with Liverpool regarding the personal terms of a possible contract with him.

Rummenigge stressed that “certainly there was no communication by Bayern with Liverpool. If he wants to do that, we have to deal with him. We don’t want to lose any player for free next year. I can say that clearly.”

The Alcántara’s contract with the Bavarian club ends next season, and he crowned him the title of the Bundesliga seven times and has fought more than 200 games in various competitions since he moved to his ranks in 2013 from Barcelona, ​​when the Bavarian club paid the penalty clause in his contract of 25 million euros. .

Bayern Munich will not want to give up a key that is one of the game’s makers in the attack and often appears in the right place in defense.